SunSpots: Tuesdays On the Terrace


 Tuesdays On the Terrace – Terrific!


On Tuesday, July 31st, I ventured out to the Museum of Contemporary Art for its Tuesdays On the Terrace series.  The demographic at Tuesdays On the Terrace is quite varied – old, young; black, white; families, singles; tourist, natives – and everything in between!  The series features a nice variety of local jazz artists and the line-up is decidedly culturally-diverse!  On this evening, Art Hoyle delighted the audience with jazz standards and notes that reached every area of the terrace and and the sculpture garden!

The biggest change to Tuesdays On the Terrace in recent years is that the majority of the terrace is now allocated to reserved dining.  Reserved seating is worthwhile because of the . . . well . . . the seats!  Also, you’ll have a view of the band (though it may be partially obstructed) and access to Wolfgang Puck’s all you can eat buffet!  I could go on and on about the buffet, but let it suffice to say the food is delicious!! Don’t expect to just walk in and get a table, references must be made in advance.  The earlier you reserve, the better your seats will be!  While I made reservations for four, I ended up solo.  However, the crowd at Tuesdays On the Terrace was so friendly that two strangers invited me to join their table!

I, in turn, invite you to join my table!  On Tuesday, September 18th, Soleil’s To-Dos will host Simply Social:  Tuesdays On the Terrace with Tomeka Reid!  Join us!

Admission to Tuesdays On the Terrace is free and the Wolfgang Puck buffet is $24.  Lawn chairs and outside food and drink are prohibited; however, you can bring a blanket or rent an MCA lawn chair for $5.  Tuesdays On the Terrace continues through September 25th, 5:30-8pm.  View the entire schedule!


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